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We’ve designed a full suite of accessories so you can customize the fans for your particular needs.  Each plant is different and we know that we have to be able to deliver the most efficient fan possible for the particulars of your facility.    In fact we love the challenge of solving a facility problem that seems impossible.  So far, we have been able to engineer a solution to every ‘problem’ our clients have brought to us.

These are certainly not all the accessory options we have, but they are the most common.  So check them out so you can customize your SonicAire fan to the parameters of your processes and building.

If you have a unique mounting or safety requirement, we are not afraid of that.  In fact, we welcome the challenge and will run any request through our engineering department.

Click to contact us and let us know what you need.

If you’re a client and need a new manual, please request a password to the MANUAL area below:

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We have built literally dozens of mounting options to fit any space our clients have.  If we don’t have one already built, we are happy to design one for you.  Intererested?  Go to FREE DESIGN section and give us your specs so we can give you what you need.


SonicAire engineers have designed a broad spectrum of controls – both local and central.  Every fan has some standard control options, including fire/alarm and sprinkler integration.

As with the mounts, our staff can build anything to meet any needs.  All panels are NEMA 4 rated and UL 508A certified.


Fan Guard Kit (FGK) – This is important for any fan discharge within 8’ (2.5m) of the floor or other walking surface. It protects an employee from accidentally putting a hand or other object directly into the fan.