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The success of every SonicAire fan lies in our BarrierAire technology, and design services.  Our engineers design schematics to create dynamic air patterns to block fugitive dust buildup.

Only with BarrierAire technology services can you achieve and maintain the highest levels of clean for your overhead structures. BarrierAire technology controls the direction of the dust and forces it to the floor by preventing upward currents and stagnant air that keeps dust in suspension.  With BarrierAire technology services no new dust is ever allowed to accumulate overhead again.   Only with BarrierAire technology can you automatically maintain OSHA compliance throughout the plant at all times.  Your employees have never been safer from the risks of combustible dust.

Our clients appreciate that they no longer have to pay for expensive cleaning services. They also don’t have to shut down production to allow the cleaning services to work.  Even more important is that they also don’t have to put personnel at risk using scissor lifts to reach the overhead areas.


BarrierAire™ Technology

SonicAire 2.0