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SonicAire fan systems have changed how industries deal with combustible dust and fiber.  They are the first and only proactive solution to eliminate overhead fugitive dust problems.  All our products have one central value proposition:  a one-time investment that provides sustainable relief from the problems with overhead fugitive dust and fiber.DesignWheels1

No longer will you waste money with unnecessary ongoing costs to take care of the problems.  We’ve engineered a new solution that changes the paradigm of dust control.

With any paradigm shift, comes a new set of questions.  So we thought it would be helpful to anticipate some of the ones you may have before we detail the specifics about the line of SonicAire fans.

Q1. Is the technology used in SonicAire® fans like blowdowns?
Q2. What is BarrierAire™ technology?
Q3. How do I know which fan is best for my needs?
Q4. Are SonicAire fans rated for a Class II environment?


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BarrierAire Technology Explained -05-16

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