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BarrierAire Technology – Fugitive Dust

The BarrierAire™ Difference

At the core of every SonicAire® fan is BarrierAire™ technology and the engineered application of Dynamic Particle Control™. Using our proprietary technology, only SonicAire fans can robotically prevent fugitive dust from accumulating in the first place.

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Here’s how it works:

High velocity and high mass airflow from a robotic clean fan creates an overhead barrier. BarrierAire™ technology controls the direction of the dust and forces it to the floor by preventing upward currents and stagnant air that keeps dust in suspension, preventing accumulation of fugitive dust in overhead and hard-to-reach places.

BarrierAire technology

The result?

No new dust is allowed to accumulate in overhead areas. Your plant can now achieve the highest levels of clean that meet or exceed government regulations on a continuous basis. More importantly, you keep your employees safe from the dangers of combustible dust.

Learn more about the benefits of an engineered approach to combating combustible dust:

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