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Our Story

About SonicAire®

Our founder and president, Brad Carr, started SonicAire® after realizing how critical an engineered solution was to controlling fugitive dust in plants across multiple industries. We have all read the heartbreaking news of plant explosions and loss of life due to combustible dust. Horrific tragedies that occurred in a matter of seconds.

SonicAire fans, featuring our BarrierAire™ technology, were developed to combat the dangers of combustible dust and help plants to avoid deadly and costly results.

We are the global leader in this area. We believe our leadership position is the result of our passion for continuous innovation in our engineering designs. We are never satisfied with the status quo.


Engineered vs. Manual Approach

Prior to the break-through engineered solution of SonicAire® fans, the conventional way to manage fugitive dust was to clean it up after it had built up on bars, joists and other structures. The problem with this approach is two-fold: Ongoing Costs and Safety.

1. Ongoing Costs:

Cleaning after the dust has already built up means that someone needs to keep cleaning. This means continuous expense to pay for people to clean.

2. Safety:

Manual cleaning allows combustible dust to build up before it gets cleaned up. This means there are times when the facility is out of compliance with OSHA, NFPA and WorkSafe BC regulations. In addition, the people who do the manual cleaning take risks trying to reach the overhead areas.

SonicAire® fans are an engineered, robotic solution for controlling overhead dust, saving time and money, while providing a continuous clean and keeping employees safe.

Manual cleaning allows combustible dust to build up before it gets cleaned up. It is a continuous expense, compliance issue and safety risk.

Learn more about the benefits of an engineered approach to combating combustible dust:

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