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A Full Line of Dust Control Fan Systems

SonicAire has designed a full line of fan systems to address the specific needs of different industries.

Our proven iDrive is a completely enclosed drive construction that allows for precise and consistent planning for cleaning ranges dependent on your facility. Simple and fast adjustments can be made on-site to achieve desired oscillation range, ensuring optimal performance in your facility.

Contact us today and let our engineers determine which of our fan systems is ideal for helping you control fugitive dust in your facility.



  • 1 HP fan
  • Increased effective cleaning radius
  • Greater longevity and life expectancy

SA 1.c

  • 1 HP fan
  • Compact fan
  • Utilized in applications with ceiling height restrictions

SA 2.0

  • 2 HP fan
  • Doubles cleaning area of our original fan
  • Handles more difficult dust: heavier, moister, fibrous or dry

SA 2.c

  • 2 HP fan
  • Same cleaning performance of the SA 2.0, but in a compact version
  • Utilized in applications with ceiling height restrictions


  • 2 HP fan
  • UL Approved for Class II Division 2 areas

Learn more about the benefits of an engineered approach to combating combustible dust:

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