Engineered Combustible Dust Control Solutions

SonicAire’s comprehensive line of dust control fans meets a full range of dust collection system needs.

sonicaire pro series

PRO Series

  • For typical manufacturing environments
  • 1 HP and 2 HP models
  • Options for compact spaces
  • Proactively manage dust in overhead and hard-to-reach areas
sonicaire fan span mount


  • Designed for harsh manufacturing environments
  • Solutions for high-temp and damp locations
  • Includes a fan model certified for Class II, Div. 2 environments
sonicaire specialty series

Specialty Series

  • Designed for atypical applications
  • Compact Mini Fan for tight spaces
sonicaire command series


SonicAire provides customizable fan control systems for optimal operation in each setting:
  • Variable speed
  • Programmable scheduling
  • Fire Alarm System Integration
  • Interactive touch screen

Mounts for Dust Control Fans

Mounts engineered for your application.

short mount for overhead fan
support spanning mount for overhead fan

Dust Control System Accessories

SonicAire offers guard kits and other accessories for your system.

Complimentary Dust Management Plan with ROI Analysis

Sonicaire Dust Management ROISonicAire is committed to helping our clients tackle combustible dust in their facilities. We will review your facility specifications and develop a custom analysis of how SonicAire fans can use our BarrierAire™ technology to reduce combustible dust accumulation, improve worker safety and productivity and keep your facility compliant with OSHA and NFPA regulations.

Our analysis will also show you the expected Return on Investment, including equipment investment, estimated annual savings and cumulative cashflow benefit.

Get started by contacting us today for your custom facility review, ROI analysis and fan technology proposal.