About SonicAire

SonicAire fans, featuring our BarrierAire™ technology, were developed to combat the dangers of combustible dust and help plants to avoid deadly and costly results.

We are the global leader in this area. We believe our leadership position is the result of our passion for continuous innovation in our engineering designs. We are never satisfied with the status quo.

Engineered vs. Manual Approach

Prior to the break-through engineered solution of SonicAire® fans, the conventional way to manage fugitive dust was to clean it up after it had built up on bars, joists and other structures. The problem with this approach is two-fold: Ongoing costs and safety.

  1. Ongoing Costs
    Cleaning after the dust has already built up means that someone needs to keep cleaning. This means ongoing housekeeping expense to pay for people to clean.
  2. Safety
    Manual cleaning allows combustible dust to build up before it gets cleaned up. This means there are times when the facility is out of compliance with OSHA, NFPA and WorkSafe BC regulations. In addition, the people who do the manual cleaning take risks trying to reach the overhead areas.

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Meet our Founder and President

Brad Carr is president and founder of SonicAire. He started the company because of his passion for providing the best engineering solution to a business problem; he saw that no one had a way to keep their plants safe from combustible dust and lint fires.

Leveraging his 40 years in commercial air engineering and international sales, Carr decided to develop a solution to take care of that. He and his engineers developed a revolutionary new design approach called BarrierAire™ technology. This new engineering design is the key to helping clients maintain continuous compliance with safety regulations and standards in all countries and more important, keep their employees safe from explosions and fires stemming from buildup of dust and lint.

This design innovation was acknowledged by Cintas at a National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Symposium. He is a member of NFPA.

Carr is a noted authority on safety issues with fugitive combustible dust. He has been invited to educate professionals on practical ways to consider for effective dust control. This includes the national conference for the NWPCA, The Southeast Recycling Conference (SERC), Timber Processing and Energy Expo, Bioenergy and PELICE, EWTA, GEAPS Exchange, Forest Products and Machinery Expo and National Safety Council Congress and Expo. He has also authored many articles on different ways to make sure plants are safe from the dangers of combustible dust and lint.

Carr has written articles for Industrial Safety and Health News (ISHN), American Laundry News, Pallet Central, The Engineered Wood Journal, Recycling Today and Pallet Enterprise.

For fun, Carr loves to read, travel, play golf, and investigate new gadgets and technology.

Education Leads to Innovation

Learning more about the companies and industries we serve is critical to understanding the issues our customers face with combustible dust. We believe that being involved with the industries we serve is one of the best ways to gain that knowledge and leads to innovations with our products to better serve our customers. Our industry affiliations include:

Industry Affiliations

Our Team

In order to produce a great product, we employ a great team. We recruit and hire professionals with expertise in engineering, technical support and manufacturing, but most important, we hire people with character, integrity and passion.

We are focused on building a team of people who are passionate about taking care of our clients. Every one of our employees is committed to doing everything we can to help ensure your employees are safe from the dangers of combustible dust.

The SonicAire Mission

Combustible dust can have a huge financial impact on your facility and create real dangers for your employees.

SonicAire® fan systems have changed how industries deal with combustible dust. We are the first-and-only proactive, engineered solution designed to eliminate overhead fugitive dust problems.

Our customized solutions have been tailored to a variety of industries and our clients see immediate benefits to multiple aspects of their business.

Our Core Focus

To show God’s goodness to our partners and communities through proven fugitive dust solutions that create safer, healthier and more efficient work environments.

Our Core Values

  • Hungry
  • Humble
  • People-Smart
  • Grateful

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