All it takes is one incident to send every penny of your company’s profits up in smoke … literally. In seconds, a combustible dust event can destroy facilities and put lives at risk. The aftermath of injuries, lawsuits and OSHA fines can cripple a business.

And just how much is at risk? After a combustible dust event at a plywood mill in Corrigan, TX took the life of an employee, the courts awarded his family $39.7 million. Read more about this and other recent combustible dust explosions and their costs.

It’s an issue of concern across multiple industries: how to maintain a clean and safe facility and avoid these costly disasters.

Dedicated to effective dust control, SonicAire offers solutions to maximize results while minimizing cost. By delivering industrial dust control fan systems engineered for each facility, SonicAire helps you safely prevent dust build-up and mitigates the risk of combustible dust events.

To reduce combustible dust risk at your facility, contact the industry leaders at SonicAire for a custom evaluation and quote.