There is no shortage of safety information in today’s marketplace. Risk mitigation and safety compliance are hot spots on most company radars. OSHA standards, local regulations and industry-specific protocols guide much of modern business operations. Plant managers and employees must make safety a top priority to achieve growth and success.

The main goal with all of these safety measures is typically to create a safe environment, defined as one with low risk, high safety and reduced loss. However, an important aspect of safety should not be overlooked. The fact is, from the right PPE to the right industrial dust fan, a solid safety plan can give an organization a competitive advantage.

Happy employee in wood production facilityWhy Safety = Competitive Advantage

The mantra is common: “Safety is our top priority.” While this may be true, a broader view may be warranted. An Occupational Health and Safety magazine article reports that safety isn’t necessarily literally first. The article says, “Becoming and maintaining a profitable, revenue-generating organization is the top priority and the most important element of consideration. Without this, there would be no jobs, risky or otherwise.”

With this in mind, business managers should note that the proper safety measures actually support both of these priorities. By giving the organization a competitive advantage, the right safety plan will keep the setting safe and push the company forward as a “profitable, revenue-generating organization.” Here’s how.

A good reputation attracts customers.

“Reputations can be won/lost in a single moment,” explains Adrian Bartha, founder of eCompliance, “and the protection of our workforce is not only integral to success on site but also in the context of the communities we work in and around.”

That surrounding community will have little respect for a company that is known for unsafe practices or little concern for employee safety. In contrast, a business that has established a track record of safety success and has developed a reputation for doing so will be more appealing to customers. This positive reputation will help retain current customers and attract new business.

SonicAire Dust Control FanSafe practices generate higher profits.

Industrial Hygiene News reports that businesses spend $170 billion each year on costs associated with occupational injuries and illnesses. When a company follows solid safety protocols, it should experience less loss due to safety incidents. The difference translates to profits which can be reinvested in the business. Rather than bleeding dry and running in the red due to accidents and injuries, the company can flourish and out-perform the competition.

A safe environment attracts employees.

Employing quality workers with minimal turnover is ideal for any business operations. This stable, competent staff creates a productive environment. This, in turn, enhances profits.

To develop this type of workforce, a business must offer a setting that attracts and retains employees. This is done by creating a safe, inviting environment where employees feel well cared for and safe.

How SonicAire Helps You Gain the Advantage

Creating this safe environment requires a strategic plan, and SonicAire fan systems are a critical component of that plan. SonicAire’s industrial dust fan dust-control measures effectively maintain clean, safe surroundings, which gives manufacturers and processors the competitive advantage they need. To give companies this advantage, SonicAire brings three key benefits to the table.

  1. NFPA compliance: This industrial dust fan solution has proven so effective that it has been listed as an approved cleaning method in NFPA 652. For companies seeking compliance to current DHA requirements, an industrial dust fan system can make the difference.
  2. Cost-reducing technology: Applying proprietary BarrierAire™ technology, SonicAire industrial dust fan systems use thermal-current control and high-velocity airflow to prevent dust accumulation. The systems offer an engineered, robotic solution to control overhead dust and reduce housekeeping costs, producing significant ROI within the first year.
  3. Customized solutions: Each industrial dust control fan system is designed to meet the unique needs of individual facilities. Contact SonicAire to receive a custom site analysis and ROI calculation.